Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Aunt Leah Comes to Visit.

Well it's been weeks and weeks, but we were so lucky to have our Leah here for a visit when we first moved to NYC. Please come back Leah! I promise there are not more boxes in the guest room! (ok maybe just a few)

Saturday, September 13, 2014

First Day of "School"

Clara had her first day of preschool co-op in New York City last week. Dan caught us in a not-quite-ready moment that is surprisingly funny. Since it's not really us. Actually we've been up everyday before 6 this week, it probably is close to accurate. But then we shake it off and get back to our silly selves. If you ever wonder what Dan has to put up with on the daily, look at my face in the first shot. That's my..."why didn't you pick up your socks"- face.

Clara wasn't quite sure what to think of preschool, since it was her first classroom experience outside of church Sunday school. She did pretty well. We're really excited to be apart of an amazing group of strong and wonderful New York families that are coming together to co-educate our children once every week. It's one of those beautiful things I prayed for, and was certain would not come together. I feel so blessed to be included in a group that didn't even know me, but opened up their group, home and hearts to Clara and I.

Not to mention the home of the family hosting us has these amazing Neighborhood views from their rooftop that make my heart swoon for New York like I never thought was possible for a city.

When we were upstate for Labor day I took the much needed time with my sister to go Fall shopping for Clara. I love her new little wardrobe, and since I usually shop at goodwill throughout the year, her wardrobe is often mismatched and I struggle to put a thoughtful outfit together for her. But since she's declared her favorite color is Yellow, this sweater just made her little heart burst with happiness, everything else was just ok, but this bit of yellow made her squeal.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Little Ballerina

Clara's been completely crazy with anticipation for her Dance Class this week. She has asked everyday for nearly a month " is today the dance class day?".

She has told everyone she meets "I'm gonna have a dance class, and (with loud voice and expression and a lot of hand movement), I DONT KNOW what it's gonna LOOK LIKE!"

Then she lifts her leg out and tells them, "I can't do this yet, woahhh, wooooaoooohh!" faking her inbalance. 

So the when the day finally came for her class, I almost cried getting her dressed up in the classic dancewear and her proud face beaming to show daddy and she asked "Am I Angelina Ballerina now?"

She seemed to like the class, but she wouldn't talk about it at all, which is so unlike her. But she loved the rooms so much, and gasped just as I'd hoped she might in love with the "beautiful room"! 

The parents only got to see this short glimps of the class in the beginning before the close the curtains, which is absolutely mama torture. I did overhear Clara asking the teacher if what they were about do to was a plie. The one and only dance move she knows. Lucky for her little confidence, it was. So so cute. I'm dying a little right now, must look at pictures again.

This is one of those moments I was so glad I made myself annoying with my camera and pushed around to get a few good shots. They are so precious to me, and I cannot stop looking at them.