Friday, August 12, 2011

DIY Baby Skirt

I've been hunting for an ultra easy baby skirt for a while now. 
My sewing skills are limited to say the least.
 I can basically sew a straight line and make a ruffle. 

Dana over at has the best simple skirt tutorial of all. 
 No pattern, just a rectangle of fabric and a little elastic. 
Perfect for this novice.

I used 3/4" elastic, the flannel and cotton fabric mostly came from Walmart at $2/yd.

Clara's waist was measuring at 17.5" 
But I realize now, I was measuring much too high. 
Since well, she doesn't have a waist.
I measured around the largest part of her belly. 
But I should have measured around her hips, since that's where the skirt ends up sitting most the time.
The loose look is working though, and she can grow into it.
Because this peanut is growing at an alarming rate.

I particularly like Dana's suggestion
 to use the salvage edge of the fabric for the hem.
It saves you time ironing and sewing,
 and makes the skirt feel lighter for these little baby bods.

The best part about this tutorial is that you can adjust the skirt size for any age. 
Maybe I'll be sporting a matching look soon ;)

No more pictures. ugh

That's more like it.  
These make great baby shower gifts!  

For my 9 week old (9 lb. 5 oz, 22 inch) babe I needed a piece of fabric measuring 35" inches by 8.5"
but like I said I mis-measured, and compensated by using a 17" elastic that overlapped 1". 

I had a reader make a newborn skirt and suggest the following measurement:

""... recommendation for a newborn is 12-13" around. 
I made a second one from a fat quarter, 14" elastic 
(1" of that will be overlapped),
 26" around for the material...""

(Dana recommends that you increase the elastic by 1" to make up for this overlap,
but obviously I needed it to be a little smaller)

If you need a guideline for baby sizes this chart from is a great resource.
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  1. Awesome! They look great! :)

  2. Aw. those are so sweet! Love the fabrics you chose. Thanks for sharing with me :)
    - Dana

  3. I have to do this! :) I love babies in skirts :D

  4. they are ADORABLE and so is she.

  5. oh my goodness. these are beautiful!!

  6. these are super cute!

    thanks for stopping by the blog. come again soon!

  7. These are super cute, I realise this is a really old post, but I needed to comment.

    So simple! Thanks for sharing ♥

    ~ Zoe

  8. Hi!I'm a new sewer and would like to clarify for your baby, you had a total length of 35 inches for the skirt (front and back), and a total of 17inches (8.5X2 inches) for the waist?

  9. Cant wait to get sewing again.

  10. Cant wait to get sewing again.

  11. Cant wait to get sewing again.

  12. Cant wait to get sewing again.

  13. Cant wait to get sewing again.

  14. Cant wait to get sewing again.

  15. Cant wait to get sewing again.

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