Saturday, January 11, 2014

Conversations With Clara

At two and a half, the conversations with this girl have grown increasingly hilarious and surprising. I wish I wrote down even half of the funny things she says….but at least I write down some of it, because this kid is full of entertainment.


Clara: "Happy Birthday Mommy!! "(it's not my birthday), "When you grow up, your gonna travel on a camel and meet the baby Jesus. And He's gonna say, 'Can I have some pineapple', and Mama's gonna say 'sure you can'!!"

Cupping my face with her little hands:
Clara: "I love your face mama…… have boogers in your nose."


Talking about Christmas and Dan pretending to be Santa:
Dan: "Did you listen to your mommy and daddy this year Clara?"
Clara: "I listened to my heart"

Clara: "Wanna snuggle me, mommy?"
Me: "I'd love that Clara!"
Clara: "I'm gonna snuggle you in no time!"
In the locker room getting read to go swimming at the YMCA
Clara: "This is going to be so EXPENSIVE!" she uses expensive to mean special.


Clara has had a few questions about Jesus lately:

"Is he in your heart mommy?
Is he in Bella's heart?
Is he in the car?
Is he in the house?
Is he in that chair?
Is he very very big?
Does he have very beautiful hair?
Is he a mommy one?"and lastly,
"I am a little baby Jesus!" said in her very sweetest baby voice.


Clara: "mom, what are your eyes saying? "
Me: "they are saying I love you "
Clara: "what are my eyes saying? "
Me: "I don't know, what are they saying?"
Clara: "they are saying, I love you too! What are daddy's eyes saying?"
Me: "I don't know, what are they saying?"
Clara: "I love you too, said the daddy eyes."


Just before going to bed the other night, she is obsessed with the little drummer boy song and this book

Clara: "Daddy, I don't have any gift for baby Jesus" 
Dan: "He doesn't want any gifts from you, He just wants your heart, can you give Him your heart?"
Clara: "yeah, good night daddy."


The key to a happy tinkerbell is using Captain Hook voice for everything: 

Clara: "what are you doing captain? "
Hook(me): "putting the coffee away. "
Clara: "Hook loooooves coffee. Tinkerbell doesn't like coffee."


On a particularly difficult night trying to get her to sleep, I sat in the room while she tried to sleep:

Clara: "are you watching me?"
Me: "Yes Clara"
Clara: "I love you"
Me: (heart breaks in two)


A few examples of a misunderstood word:

"Could you Clara me up stairs?"

"Swing Low, sweet Chariot, coming for to Clara me home!!!!"


Clara: "Daddy's gonna come to the my party" (pretend)
Me: "that sounds like fun!"
Clara: "You can't come mommy, you have to work"
Me: "Ok, Clara"
Clara: "Mommy, you can't come to the party, I'm sorry, you're not invited"
Me: "Alright, Clara"
Clara: "Just Daddy, you can't come"


Clara: "Stop talking to each other!!! Guys stop it! Talk to me!"


Praying at Dinner:

"Thank you for Madison, and Aunt 'Lisha, and Mommy and Daddy, and grass, and my fire, and the fork, and the railing, and my Bella, and Santa and presents. Amen….. wait, guys no!!! … and Madison, and Aunt 'Lisha. "


Me: Clara what does a celebration mean?
Clara: um it means when you look at the sky and roar like a bear.
Me: what does education mean?
Clara : when pirates hurt you.

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  1. You are going to be SO GLAD you wrote these down someday. So is she. The swing low sweet chariot one? I can't even handle it.